Reacting To My 18/19 Premier League Predictions


Hello lads and lasses, how are you all doing given that the premier league season is now over? I’ve been good thanks for asking. It’s starting to become a cliche that I’ve not written in a while but I’m back and I am not going anywhere. I’ts the part of the year where I react to my premier league predictions. Let’s take a look and see if I got it right or not.

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Huddersfield Town-Finished 20th, Predicted 20th  


No offence to Huddersfield town fans, it was always quite obvious you guys were going down. Wagner was performing miracles keeping them up in their first season in the top flight. It was always coming, but  to be fair, sacking him was abysmal. The guy was key in ensuring they got promoted in 2017 despite no one giving them a chance but they let him go yet he maybe could have worked wonders. They should have replaced him with someone like Sam Alladyce. Not a lad from the Borrusia Dortmund academy. I am sorry lads. You went down without a fight.

Fulham-Finished 19th Predicted 14th

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This was just shocking.100 million pounds spent all down the drain. Jean Michael Seri should be sacking his agent because he should have moved to Barcelona to train with Messi every day but opted for Cyrus Christy,a man who clearly needs a manual on how to clear a god damn ball. Absolutely shocking. Even Ryan Sessegnon has really disappointed me this season. And the ironic thing is, they started keeping clean sheets once they got relegated under the 3 different managers they appointed this season.Urgh!

Cardiff City-Finished 18th Predicted 19th


Cardiff City were always going to go down but at least they went down with a fight. May God rest his soul but maybe Emiliano Sala could have kept them up given they were short in front of goal up until his transfer. I must say I was quite impressed and was actually backing them to stay up for Sala.

Brighton-Finished 17th Predicted 18th


You guys are just lucky. You started off the season on a flier and for a moment  managed to conceive us that you guys were top flight material. Too bad. You actually ended up surviving the axe by a whisker. Thank God Glen Murray’s first half of the season goals were enough to keep you up. A 34 year old glen Murray who I still laugh at United for allowing themselves to get bullied by their defence on their second match day of the Premier League season. Let’s see if you will still survive it next year

Southampton-Finished 16th Predicted 15th

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Southampton have been a shambles since Claude Puel and later Virgil Van Dijk left them. Mark Hughes should have been the man to blame if the Liverpool Academy went back down. Ralph Hassenhüttl Has worked wonders since he took over and is finally starting to get the best out of Nathan Redmond who has fought his way back into the England squad long after Pep Guardiola scolded him that one time. Hope the rise continues. I wasn’t far off though, rising one position above my prediction only.Hehe!

Burnley-Finished 15th Predicted 13th

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Burnley, the team managed by a Rugby looking coach who speaks like an orange has been stuffed down his trachea. They finished 7th last season and we thought they would get to the group stages of the Europa league only to be eliminated by a bunch of fishermen in the playoffs. They struggled the  first half of the season and due to their European commitments I always expected them to struggle.2 positions up so…

Bournemouth-Finished 14th Predicted 16th

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Bournemouth were a team I expected to stay up but hang in there in 16th.To be fair they were showing top form in the first half of the season and I was expecting them to maintain their form but then Callum Wilson got injured for a while and they started loosing it which made them end up 14th.Again I missed it by a whisker.

Newcastle United-Finished 13th Predicted 10th

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Its difficult to support Newcastle united, especially with mike Ashley running the club.Rafa Benitez is doing wonders with this joke of a squad considering he has a limited budget at his disposal. If he leaves, this club is doomed.Anyway, I was expecting them to finish 10th like last season but they dropped down three positions. If you guys ever want to see Europe again,spend some money man.Lukily enough,Sheikh Mansour’s cousin is said to be taking over at the club, and if it goes through,prepare for a Man City part 2 lads.

Crystal Palace-Finishe 12th Predicted 12th

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The second prediction I got right.Roy Hodgson has really stabled a sinking ship since he took over from arguably the worst manager the Premier League has ever seen, Frank De Boer. He has set up the team to genuine premier league mainstays and if Wilfred Zaha leaves, they should use that money to reinvest in a promising squad that could help push them to Europe.

Watford-Finished 11th Predicted 17th


I don’t know why I thought Watford would be struggling this season considering how they performed last season after sacking Marco Silva. I was expecting Javi Garcia to get sacked by Christmas now that they didn’t have Richalison to help. They end up finishing 11th and reached the F.A cup final getting smacked 6-0 by a Raheem Sterling inspired City in the process.

Leicester City-Finished 10th Predicted 9th

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Leicester city were a team I was expecting to maintain its status quo of mid table finishes and they did just that. I nearly go it…nearly! Watch out for that team next year. Their end to the season under Brendan Rodgers has been amazing. Now that they have a manager that can get the best out of Vardy, I am expecting big things from them.


West Ham-Finished 9th Predicted 8th

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I expected them to finish 8th and they finished ninth. Again, not far off and it’s been a massive improvement this year under Pellegrini. With that squad I expected them to improve and they can do even better as Pellegrini tries to build his team around Declan Rice.

Everton-Finished 8th Predicted 7th

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Another team I was expecting to maintain their status quo.Given they are used to finishing seventh, they did just that, but add one. With their squad, they should be finishing in champions league places and not languishing in a meaningless eighth position, Sigh.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-Finished 7th Predicted 11th

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This is the best promoted side I have ever seen. Wolves have stunned everyone and no one wasexpecting them to do that well in their first season. I was expecting them to become another QPR but it seems their Portuguese players are destined for bigger better things at the club. I wasn’t expecting them to get European football until at least next season but nope!Didn’t happen.

Manchester United-Finished 6th Predicted 3rd

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Manchester United fans were all saying I had no Idea about football after predicting they would finish third. Turns out they would be performing much worse and for once I am glad one of my predictions were wrong on them finishing in top four. Jose Mourinho saying that finishing second last season on 81 points was his biggest achievement and turns out he was not bluffing. The fans are now shedding their days hoping Arsenal loose the Europa league final and Liverpool don’t win the champions league. Enjoy.

Arsenal-Finished 5th Predicted 5th

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I predicted they would finish fifth and win the Europa league to get back to the Champions league and they proved me right. They should have buried top 4 a long time ago so it slipped out of their hands. They have a Europa league specialist who we hope should continue his trend and win that trophy next Wednesday  otherwise its going to be same old same old.

Tottenham Hotspurs-Finished 4th Predicted 3rd

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The third and fourth spots should not have been given to Spurs, Arsenal Chelsea or United because no one really wanted these spots. Finishing one point above arsenal in fifth was enough to prevent St totteringhaming’s day.They are playing in a champions league final which I never thought could happen. Even the players moms themselves never thought it possible. They should have finished third but bottled it towards the end of the season gifting 3rd to a Chelsea side managed by a manager who has never won anything in 30 years of management and rumors star players like Hazard and even Hudson- Odoi were on their way out.

Chelsea-Finished 3rd Predicted 6th

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This one was a strange one. Even the fans themselves can acknowle these guys were fortunate to finish in such positions having started the season in title contention form especially given their Manager’s tactics are the most predictable ones in Great Britain

Liverpool-Finished 2nd Predicted 2nd

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Liverpool will be singing, “thi is our year,” for the next five years now for sure without much success. If you couldn’t deliver it this season there is a high probability,you might never do it,considering how Pep has set up city.How could you guys loose only one game a whole season, bottle a 7 point lead and expect to be crowned champions even after solving that goalkeeping crisis? However, I still stick by my predicament. If Steven Gerrard never won the league, there is no way Alberto Moreno could have won it. You could still win the Champions league to salvage your season though. If you won it with Djimi Traore, you can do it with anyone.

Manchester City-Finished 1st Predicted 1st


I did not see a title race this year but that’s what happened, proven right that City are indeed the best team in the premier league although lets be honest, if it weren’t for that Arab money, you would probably be languishing in League 2 and the likes of Kun Aguero and Pep Guardiola could never have known of your existence. You made history this weekend and are without a doubt one of the best teams in the world right now.

That’s the end of the article. If you loved it, don’t forget to give it a view, like, a follow and a share and as always, I’ll write for you some more soon.



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