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Unforgettable Moments This World Cup

Hello lads and girls, I’m back, more excited than ever given the team I was rooting for, France,are now world cup champions. For supporters of teams like Brazil and Germany, they have had to do with humble pie in their bellies and tails between their legs. The fact that the world cup is ending is a bit sad, right? It is a mixture of emotions for me given pre-season is back and  we are now back to supporting clubs.Today we take a look at the most unforgettable moments we’ve experienced this world cup.

Russia vs. Saudi Arabia

www.express.co.uk Russia
Denis Cherishev celebrates one of his two goals aganist saudi Arabia. Photo credit:The Daily Telegraph

There was no better way to start the world cup than this. This is the most exciting start to the world cup I have ever seen. Against all expectations, the host Russia kicked it off with a bang. A five nil battering of their opponents. How on earth did Saudi-Arabia qualify for the world cup before the likes of Australia? Someone please answer me. How on earth? Anyway we were all stunned by Russia. Impressive individual performances by the likes of Aleksandr Golovin and Denis Cheryshev left us well entertained.

Neymar Acting

Image courtesy the daily telegraph

I was left wondering whether Neymar is a superstar or just an absolute clown. The way he performed this world cup was very disappointing, at least in my view. Yes he has a goal to hide his blushes, but he was the biggest disappointment I ever witnessed this world cup. In the game against Mexico, he was lightly stepped on and acted like a demon was being chased out of his body. That was not even Adam Sandler level. The poor lad could even roll about at the landing of a butterfly on his foot. To add salt to injury, I don’t think I am the only one who found him selfish this tournament. He only wanted to shine for himself and forgot about his teammates. I don’t think Brazil were going to win the world cup anyway given his selfish antics despite the squad being full of talent at coach Tite’s disposal.



Video Assistant Refereeing (VAR) showed me exactly how marriage is like, exciting for the first few months then the inevitable fights begin after disagreements. I have been a massive supporter for the use VAR but I have come to notice it has more demerits than merits in my view. A record 19 penalties had been awarded by the time the Portugal-Iran match was being played. There just seemed to be penalties every match except ,of course, in the Brazil-Costa Rica match where the referee had initially awarded the penalty before VAR ruled it out. It’s quite amazing that since all African teams were sent home and packing, VAR has not been used to use since until in the final last night when France were awarded a penalty thanks to VAR.Amrabat’s reaction to the system is just hilarious.

Nigeria kit

Let’s be honest people, the Nigeria kit was a classic. It was the most beautiful world cup kit I have ever seen in my life. It was selling like hot cakes. I even tried getting myself one but unfortunately couldn’t get it. I genuinely believed Nigeria could live up to the kit’s expectations but unfortunately were sent home and packing. I think it’s the second biggest disappointment of the world cup after Neymar’s antics.

photo credit;The Sun Nigeria

Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona is always entertaining. He was as passionate as ever this world cup, backing Argentina as usual. Everyone expected Messi to steal the show and carry the team on his back but they turned out to be bottlers. Having drawn with Iceland in the opening match and getting battered to a pulp by a Luca Modric’-inspired Croatia team, they needed to beat Nigeria to have any chance of reaching the knockout rounds. There had been a rumor coming from the Argentina camp that the players had revolted against boss Georgi Sampaoli  and that the senior members of the squad backed by Maradona had taken control of the team. Messi opened the scoring for Argentina before Victor Moses equalized for Nigeria. They needed a last gasp Marcos Rojo goal before Maradona did the unexpected. He waved both his middle fingers as if to mock the Nigeria fans. For me, it’s the most hilarious moment of the world cup.

The Unexpected

images (8)
German players cut a forlorn figure at the world cup.Photo credit;The Daily Telegraph

This has been a world cup of unexpected happenings to be fair. From Germany’s early exit to Spain’s shock exit at the hands of Russia on penalties. Many unexpected results were witnessed leading to the conclusion that there were no underdogs this world cup. Africa’s best and last hope Senegal were eliminated from the world cup at the expense of lucky Japan on fairplay. Japan itself were on the verge of winning against Belgium but bottled a 2-0 lead to lose to eventual third place `settlers Belgium. No one, especially me, expected England to get to the semifinals of the world cup. I didn’t expect Croatia to get to the Final of the world cup either.

“It’s coming home” Phrase

download (26)
Image courtesy 442oons.The England “coming home” parody

England fans were elated England were actually serious contenders for the world cup. I genuinely didn’t want them winning the world cup since the team always bottles it in big tournaments. I didn’t ever Imagine Gareth Southgate could actually end up being a world cup winning coach. A man whose CV consists of getting Middlesbrough  relegated and coaching the kids for 3 years! Playing Kyle Walker as a Centre-back and Ashley Young as a wing back! Really ? But to be fair, England shocked us and did well and I actually applaud Southgate for putting pressure off the England shirt. I think they have a genuine chance of lifting Euro 2020 to be fair. That phrase really didn’t amaze me. So did the song. The link to the song is  below.

Kylian Mbappe

download (28)telegraph
Image courtesy the Daily Telegraph.Thierry Henry and Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe has now become a household name  and a friend of mine, Anne, even told me she has a crush on him despite not being a football fan. We were actually born in the same month when I think about it. The boy is now a world cup winner and I am here writing about someone who doesn’t even know me. LOL! But honestly I genuinely think he deserved to win the golden ball though Modric was a worthy winner.A potential ballon d’or winner at the age of 19? We’ll see.Though we at least know another golden boy award is on the cards.

The Fans

The fans have seriously lit up the world cup. We’ve seen rants on YouTube channels after a team has been knocked out and we’ve seen a lot more from the fans. Without fans, teams are nothing. They are the spine of every team. I won’t talk much about them. 

Nicola Kalinic’

download (28)dailymail
kalinic’ in a past match.Image courtesy the daily mail.

This player is an absolute disgrace. Croatia took two natural Centre-forwards to Russia. Mario Mandzucic’ and Kalinic’.The lad had just scored 6 goals for Ac Milan all season. It is fair to say he had been lucky to make the cut. He refused to come off the bench in their opening match against Nigeria as he claimed he was not bench material. He refused to apologize and was sent home. He posted pictures of himself on holiday thinking his team wouldn’t get anywhere. I wonder how he is feeling now given his team are in the verge of World cup glory. His national team career is already flushed down the toilet.

The Croatian President

download (28)standardmedia
image courtesy standardmedia.co.ke

This is the perfect definition of a leader by the people for the people. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic’ has been the name on many people’s lips for the last 4 weeks. Like any other loyal supporter, she has been watching the Croatia games from the stands like the rest of her fellow Croats throughout the knockout stages except for the Semi Final where the NATO summit kept her away. She has personally been visiting the team in their camp and hugging each player personally after every game. She is a well-educated leader who can speak Croatian, English ,Spanish and French fluently and is often confused for model Coco Austin due to her full figure.

download (28)matookrepublic
Kitarovic’ enjoys herself on holliday in a bikini .Image courtesy matookrepublic.com

The Songs

The world cup songs were fantastic and much better than 2014 songs. I loved all songs and even wrote about them in a previous blog post here. They lit up the World cup atmosphere and I think it’s fair to say they were on point.

Peter Drury

download (28)observer.ug
image courtesy observer.ug

Peter Drury lit up the World cup for those of us who followed the coverage on telly. The way he reacts after a goal has been scored is just emotion capturing. I have put the best of his world cup commentary in a link below and to be honest I think he has been the best commentator in English this world cup.

That’s It for the world cup people. Give the post a like, a Follow, a comment and a share and have  wonderful post-world cup moments. Until then,I am off to wait for the Kenya sevens rugby world cup.



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