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10 Annoying Types of Peeps This World Cup

Hello lads and girls? With the World Cup action taking a break until Friday as the cereals continue to be separated from the chaff, I will ask the same old question again. Who is excited for the World Cup? Hope you all are. The sarcasm that Kenya has maintained its unbeaten run in the World Cup is now no longer a funny joke. Tails between our legs and heads down. You wonder how countries like Saudi Arabia and Panama made it to the World Cup given even England and, God save us all, Russia registered 8 goals from their opening 2 games. Today, we take a look at 10 most annoying types of people you will meet this World Cup.

The Girls

We all know the girls had to appear on this list. Please don’t come looking for me in order to strangle me in my sleep, specifically the non-football fans. These are the types who are watching the World Cup because they have nothing else to do…or kukosa form because they don’t have anyone to keep them company especially here at campus . These are the type that will watch a Portugal match only to admire the footballers’ looks and will keep building castles in the air about how they will want to meet their celebrity crushes. They just can’t wait till July 15th is over. No offence to them , but they are usually very nagging especially during the football matches .

The Non-Fans
These are the types that may have a clue what is going on but at the same time also may not. They are the type that will want to have a go at you and will pretend they know it all. They will wear jerseys but will probably not know which team the jersey belongs to. You will find them drifting asleep and then suddenly celebrating when a goal has been scored because of the noise caused.They will often take selfies with friends and post on Social media to show how much they are up to date with the match proceedings.They are somehow attention seekers.I stand to remain corrected.

download (25)

The Gamblers
These are the type that will know a history about each and every team’s recent performances. 5 minutes will not pass without them suggesting that a certain player will score or the game will end with a specific score line. They will start gambling between teams that you have probably never even heard of in your life and will always nag those with knowledge about football to help them with the gambling. If a gamble does not go in their favour, they always swear never to gamble again yet after a short while, you will find them glued to their phones yet again

images (5)

The Noisy Fans
These are the type that will never shut up and will argue with loud voices. They are the type that will always get personal when the argument goes too far and they have no more facts to justify their arguments. Usually, these guys will end up fighting. Fortunately, they are usually very entertaining. They will also make fun of a specific player and will also put the blame on someone on the pitch especially the referee.

The Haters
These are the type that will just come to watch soccer with the rest because he wants to do his own things, like eating the food or using the Wi-Fi that is being used to stream the games.They will just be stuck to their phones as the rest are on the edge of their seats. They are very irritating and have very punchable faces especially when they ask you why you are acting adrenaline rushed when watching the match. They simply don’t care about soccer.

The Clueless

images (4)
These are the type that will annoy you most especially if you are a football fan. They will always ask stupid questions and will pretend to know everything that is going on though they have not the slightest of ideas. They are the type that will be carried by the tide when two teams are playing.a perfect example is the dramatic last gasp 3-2 win for Belgium against Japan.Japan were leading 2-0 and you could her some of them supporting Japan but by the end of the game,they were “proud” supporters of Belgium.haha!

The Wrong Supporters
These are the types that will always have everything wrong. They will start talking about things like Rugby in a football match. They will always wear the wrong kits for the wrong occasion.You will find them wearing Liverpool kits when it’s time to watch an England match.They will always be off topic by discussing irrelevant things like summer transfers .

The Mourners

This happens to some football fans even outside the World Cup, me included. They are the type that will swear never to watch a match again after their team has lost or is eliminated and will not care about anything else. These are the type that will always find someone to blame after their team has played poorly like the referee or a specific player that was not at the top of his game in a particular match.

The Glory Followers/Team Switchers
These are the type that will switch teams because they are on a good run and will run away from the team as soon as they lose. A perfect example is some of the Brazil supporters last World Cup after their 7-1 thumping by Germany or the German supporters this year after they were eliminated earlier this week. They are the type that will wear two jerseys but as soon as their team is being ripped to shreds, they will take it off and pretend to support the team doing the demolition.

The Party Fans

photo credit:the daily mail

These are the party addicts and will always see a World Cup victory as a reason to party, even for meaningless games. I have many friends who do that. They are the type who party almost on a daily basis even though they have classes the next day. These also tend to fall in the clueless category. Wait till Friday when the World Cup resumes and they will go crazy.


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