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Most Shocking World Cup Moments of All Time

Hello lads and girls, I’m back. Who is excited for the World Cup? We are already in Day 6 of the tournament and it’s so clear the World Cup is keeping people from being idle the whole weekend; but it’s another week of writing World Cup-based football content online. Today, we take a look at the top ten most shocking World Cup moments of all time. I could have included moments like Italy’s controversial exit at the hands of South Korea in 2002, Ronaldo’s disappearance then re-emergence, Jeff Hurst’s ghost goal or even Rob Green’s blunder against the USA at the 2010 world cup but they couldn’t feature in top 10 as they are of a lesser magnitude. All this as you get over the World Cup arguments between Messi and Ronaldo.

  1. The Hand of God
Photo Credit: Soccer Illustrated

Okay, let me remind you people. It was 1986 when players were still wearing shorts the size of modern day boxers, we the 90s kids had not even been thought about by our parents. It was England v. Argentina, 0-0, World Cup quarter finals. 51 minutes on the clock. Maradona handballs the ball into the net and the goal is allowed to stand. The game eventually ended 2-1 in Argentina’s favor before Maradona said later in a post-match interview that it was the hand of God in a tournament they would eventually win.

  1. The 7-1 Battering of Brazil

You guys obviously knew this was going to appear at some point in the list. Let’s jog our memories back to 4 years ago. Given Brazil is 7 hours behind our time in Kenya, games were being played at wee hours of the night. Fortunately this game happened to be played around 9 P.M local time. Guys were stuck to their television sets like 14 year olds who have just discovered porn. People were wondering how they would get Americans and Brits interested in Politics. Long before outrageous amounts of transfer fees were being spent on teenagers and people were still concluding Gareth Bale would be the most expensive player of all time; Brazil was hosting the World cup. Brazil had seen off a tough group that faced Chile and Colombia in the knock-out stages and were now facing a team of their level. I didn’t watch the game as it was a weekday and in school where entertainment was only on weekends. Some mate came to my room shouting Brazil were 5-0 down by half time! I was backing Germany but even by their standards I thought it was a joke until the next day. Brazil conceded 4 goals in 6 minutes and got completely humiliated on home soil! The only thing that consoled the Sambas was one of the greatest fan photos of all time posted below.


download (18).jpg

  1. The Luis Suarez Bite

Suarez is notorious for sparking a series of controversial incidences. By 2014, Suarez had already become the most hated player in Africa by hand-balling a last minute Ghana winner off the line, biting 2 footballers and racially abused Patrice Evra. He said in the pre-match press conference against Italy he wanted to get rid of his bad boy image for once and for all. Then, later in the game, he bit Georgio Chiellini and went down clutching his teeth. This incidence is what probably led Italy to losing that match and Suarez escaped without a card but got fined 100,000 Swiss Francs. He also got banned from 9 international matches and from all football for 4 months.

Suarez went down clutching his teeth. Photo Credit: ABRG
  1. Graham Poll

Graham Poll was England’s best chance of reaching the final. Australia v. Croatia, 2006 World Cup. Seconds after kickoff, he had to order the players to kick off again. He correctly awarded Australia a penalty for starters for hand-balling by Croatia. He did not award Australia a penalty in the second half despite it being even more clearer than the first half with Australia 2-1 down. He blew the final whistle as the ball was crossing the line towards the end of the match with Tim Cahill already wheeling away in celebration to punch the hell out of the corner flag. But even more shocking was giving Josip Simonic 3 yellow cards! 3! It’s like miraculously getting away with murder! Graham Poll was sent parking after that game! There are no English referees at this year’s World Cup. Maybe it’s because English referees are too controversial.

6.Frank Lampard’s Disallowed Goal

The ball had clearly crossed the line. Photo Credit: Evening Standard

This game is where the exclamation, OMG, fits perfectly. Germany v. England, South Africa World Cup 2010 round of 16. England two nil down. They needed to gather some fighting spirit and make a dramatic comeback, and they started well, with Mathew Upson’s face the start of the comeback. Frank Lampard then got a chance and shot at goal, with the ball hitting the crossbar and then crossing the line. Even Manuel  Nueuer was left rooted to the ground. And then he caught the ball and cleared the ball away! WHAT!? How did the ref not give the goal that had so clearly crossed the line !? It was as clear as Arsenal’s defensive problems. It was a blessing in disguise though, as we now have goal line technology. England went on to be utterly destroyed by Germany 4-1 with future gunner Mesut Ozil instrumental.

Lampard reacts after his goal is disallowed. Photo Credit: Belfast Telegraph

 5.Frank Rijkaard and Rudy Voller

‘Have some hairwash treatment’ Photo Credit: Talk the Sports

1990, Holland v. Germany. Rijkaard received a yellow card for tackling Voller and seconds later was seen spitting at Voller. God! Footballers and spitting! Really? Later in the match, both players were involved in infringement and the pair got sent off. While walking off the pitch, Rijkaard spat at Voller again, clearly not contented with the hair wash treatment. SMH. Footballers just know how to spit. The case of Jamie Carrager spitting at a young girl earlier this year is a perfect example that, indeed, history does repeat itself.

4.France at the 2010 World Cup



It was a controversial year for France. Thierry Henry had already become an entire nation’s villain after hand-balling the ball before setting up William Gallas to score the winner in a World Cup qualifier against The Republic of Ireland. Justice was done when France registered, in my view, their worst tournament in football history. Raymond Domenech, the France boss, was already under fire for failing to Start Henry. A goalless draw with Uruguay and defeats to Mexico and South Africa were the icing on the cake to a squad in shambles.Domenech had a bust-up at half time against Mexico with Nicholas Anelka who insulted him with words I cannot put on this post now which made him send Anelka packing which led to a revolt by the entire squad, with Evra having a bust-up with one of the coaches. The France director then resigned. They flew back home in Economy class and Thierry Henry was summoned to the French Prime Minister.

  1. Roy Keane
Roy Keane in a past match. Photo Credit: The Irish Post

2002 World Cup. Roy Keane was unhappy with the way the Republic of Ireland team was being ran. This caused a huge bust-up with manager Mick McCarthy. Roy Keane went as far as telling him he did not rate him as a player, a manager or even a person and was only playing under him because he was somehow the manager of his country. He stormed out of their camp in South Korea and went back home. Even the Ireland president was pleading with him to go back but he adamantly refused.The went on to exit at theround of 16 on penalties aganist Spain

  1. Andres Escobar assassination
Escobar scores an own goal.

The first thing that comes to your mind is the drug lord Pablo. Most of you probably won’t know there was another Colombian, André Escobar who was assassinated one month after conceding an own goal at the 1994 World Cup finals against the United States. He was stretching to block a cross from American Midfielder John Harkes before deflecting the ball into his own net. 5 days after elimination from the World Cup, he was alone outside a bar’s parking lot when 3 men appeared and argued with him before shooting him 6 times with a 38 caliber pistol with the tiller shouting, ‘Goal!’ At the end of every shot, one for each time the commentator said it during broadcast, and left Escobar bleeding to death. He was rushed to hospital where he died 45 minutes later.

  1. Zidane’s Head-butt



This is an incidence remembered by even non-football fans like my dad. Let me remind you of 2006. I was a 7 year-old who didn’t think I would end up writing about this one day. Italy v. France 2006 World Cup final. First half of extra time, 1-1. Zidane gets sent off for head-butting Marco Matterazi in the chest. France went on to lose the game on penalties and 34 year old Zidane retired in disappointment. He said he had let his country down and won people’s sympathy after claiming Materazzi had abused his sister. The two met again in 2010 and shook hands before Zidane said he had not realized it was him and that he thought it was just a random fan. He has since gone on to become the first manager to win 3 consecutive Champions League titles before shockingly deciding to call his post at Real Madrid quits! Insane!

That’s it from me about the world cup’s most shocking moments.Don’t forget to like and follow and if i missed out on any moment,let me know!


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