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Best World Cup Songs: 1998 to 2018

Hello lads and girls? Who is excited about the World Cup? I definitely am. The question is, are you? 90% of you are excited…the lads. The girls probably aren’t because the lads will always be glued to their TV sets for the next one month. Also, who is going? I am not… I mean, why would I go? Kenya didn’t qualify. Do we ever? It will be like attending a wedding I was not invited to, although that didn’t stop James Corden at the royal wedding last month. When you think about the World Cup, three things come to mind. Fantastic songs, England bottling it again and a big team getting a shocker. Today, lets take a look at the top 15 World Cup songs from 1998. If there are any songs you feel I should have included, let me know. Plus, there is a song link at the end of every paragraph.

15. Akon ft. Keri Hilson (Oh Africa) 

Photo Wikipedia

It’s not really a moving song, as most of you agree, but the video kills it, featuring the likes of Ivory Coast and Chelsea legend Didier Drogba and the video sums up Africa, to be fair.

 14. Polina Gagarina (Team 2018) 

The song has been sung in Russian, but I just fell in love with the bits and will give the players the morale at the World Cup. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is Russian and I don’t understand anything.But like most of the other songs in this list, it has that Footballing vibe  that makes you wanna listen to it.

13. Vangelis (Anthem)

Photo Napster

No lyrics whatsoever, just beats, but I felt the vibe in it. It makes your adrenaline dash when you listen to it, a psyche giver, if I may say. It’s the perfect definition of a World Cup Anthem. Nothing much to talk about it though.

12. Pitbull (We are one) 

Photo PutsGrilo

It’s got a mixture of languages. It’s Pitbull’s best ever song it my view. Like many other songs on this list, it makes me happy, but I don’t think it lit up the World Cup like Miss World Cup herself, Shakira. But it was a damn good Song. The line, “Put your flags up in the sky” is what made me feel it deserved to be on the list. But to be honest, I almost felt there was no World Cup in 2014 because songs like Waka Waka overshadowed this song.

11. Dario G (Carnaval De Paris)

Photo YouTube

Let’s rewind the clock back to 1998. This was the biggest song back then, the same year I was born. That’s just a fun fact. It’s the proper definition of beautiful. It also doesn’t have lyrics. It doesn’t have a language and is properly universal and I like that. I feel it is an anthem that can still be used in other sporting events like the Euros.

10. Wisin, Ricky Martin &JLo (Adrelina)

It is a pure Samba-like song. I think it is the song that should have been the official World Cup song and not Pitbull’s ‘We Are One’ because of the Brazilian vibe in it. When I listen to it, it reminds me of the animation, Rio. Don’t ask why.

9. Nicky Jam ft.Era Istrefi & Will Smith (Live it up)

Photo DearMob

This is going to be one of the main songs of the World Cup this year. If it’s got Will Smith in it, you know it’s a good song. Its fast pace gets you moving. “We’ve been waiting for this…ooh yeah”. That line just gets you Moving. All people seem to agree with this. It is, in fact, my favourite song of the World Cup this year.

8. Anastacia (boom)


It has that sort of Classic vibe. I am going to use this word regularly on my list – electric – which is the best way to describe its chorus. The only thing I don’t like about the song is that there is nothing portraying Asian culture about football in it. I don’t think it should have been the official World Cup song, if you ask me though.

7. Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean (Hips don’t lie)


The song title doesn’t lie. Hips don’t lie. It will just make people just want to literally go boom with their dancing. I just loved it to bits. It is the Bamboo version of the original song.

6. Ricky Martin (The cup of life)

Photo Wikipedia

When you hear the World Cup, you think of Samba and stuff like that. This is a Spanish song sang in France 98’.It just gets me on my feet whenever I hear it .It makes me very happy. Copa de la Vida. It is derived from the normal song, la vida lo ca. It just gets you moving.

5. R.Kelly ft. Soweto Spiritual  (sign of a victory)

5 is a magic number. Until recently, I didn’t realize it was actually a World Cup song. I just loved the part when the Soweto spiritual singers respond. This song just gets you inspired and I even hear it in radios and Graduation Videos to date. The fact it was sang for the South African World Cup makes it even more electrifying.

4. Shakira (la la la)

This should have been the official World Cup song in 2014 in my view. Sang by Shakira, it just brings out the Brazilian football culture just like Waka Waka did in 2010. Pitbull featuring JLo’s song didn’t really match up to our expectations. It is not as memorable as Waka Waka but it is a damn good song. If you are not its fan yet, try to listen to it a bit more and see if you will experience the same thing…unless you are so into Hard rock or something.

3. Jason Derulo (Colours)

This is a most recent song for this year’s World Cup by Jason Derulo. What can I say, it’s just a fantastic song. It just lights up the World Cup 2018.It just gives you psyche especially for Fifa gamers playing the World Cup edition this year. It wasn’t the best of my songs, but it is one of those songs that make you grow in love with them the more you listen to such songs.

2. Shakira (Waka Waka)

I know this will bring a spark of debate because people are so emotionally attached to the top two songs on my list. Shakira is set to become one of the hottest Wags in Russia 2018.We all know she met The love of her life in 2010 Gerard Pique when she also released, in my view, the greatest ever song of her career. That song just electrified the would have been the greatest were it not for K’naan’s song which in my view was more electric.I love the way the video starts with Italy scoring the winning penalty at the 2006 World Cup final, famous for Zidane’s headbutt in the video.

 1. K’naan (Wavin’ Flag)

“When I get older, I will be stronger, they call me freedom, just like a waving flag…” Most memorable line. I remember even when I was in primary school, many parodies were being made of it. Haha. It was like literally Messi and Ronaldo at the 2010 World Cup. Two huge songs and arguably the greatest in World Cup history. Waving flag was sang by Somali artist K’naan and in fairness summed up the African atmosphere of football which makes it get ahead of Waka waka.It is the greatest sporting song I have ever heard  in my life and it is a most played song on my Playlist today. It was not the official Fifa song but was Coca Cola’s.


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